5 Things To Leave Behind In 2016

I consider myself a girly girl, and try to stay up on the latest beauty and fashion trends. While looking through the “Hair and Beauty” section of Pinterest, I came across an article about trends that need to be left in 2016. While I agreed on most of them ( I do not find man buns sexy, unless you are Chris Hemsworth or Kit Harrington) it made me think of more important things to leave behind in 2016.

Listed below are some of those things.

Unhealthy relationships

Whether they are with  friends, a lover, a family member, etc. Life is too short to spend our time trying to fix bad relationships. I am not talking about a person you may have had one or two arguments with. I mean someone who is toxic to you. The friend that stabs you in the back while smiling in your face, the boyfriend that isn’t there for you when you need him to be. There are plenty of other people out there that will treat you the way that you should be treated. You just have to let go of the unhealthy relationships in order to let the healthy ones flourish.


“I am too tired”, “I am too busy”, “This is too hard”. These words are all taking the easy way out. Sure, working 40 hours a week, while raising a family is tough. But excuses do not create opportunity. Saying that reaching a goal is too hard, is never going to get you anywhere. Whether you are wanting to start your own business, or  trying to eat healthy and exercise. They both take work! Growing opportunities takes work, and excuses hinder your ability to accomplish your goals.

The past

Put that crap behind you. We all have skeletons in our closets, and have made mistakes that we are not proud of. Let them go! Remind yourself this year that your past does not define you! Also, remember that other people’s pasts do not define them. Everyone deserves a clean slate, and that includes you!

Not making time for yourself

Sitting at your desk alone all day does not constitute for “me time”. Cleaning up the kitchen while your baby is napping is not me time either. Sure, you feel good when your husband comes home to a spic and span house, or you feel accomplished turning in the report to your boss hours before deadline. But this is not taking time for yourself.

Book a spa day once in a while. Read a book. Find at least an hour a week to do something that you love to do. You work hard, and deserve to kick back and relax once in a while.

Being closed minded

We all have our values, and morals and we should stand behind something that we feel strongly toward. But just because someone sees things differently than you does not make them “wrong”. Take the time to learn about opposing views. It doesn’t mean that you have to agree with them, but it does educate you on where they are coming from. Open your mind to other possibilities. The worst thing that can happen is you gain an understanding of something you didn’t realize before. If in the end, you still can’t see why they choose to feel the way they do on that particular subject, that is okay. Still show them the respect that they deserve.

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