One makeup question I get asked most often is ” What do you use to make your eyebrows pop?”
Let’s face it, we can’t all naturally have eyebrows like Lucy Hale and Cara Delavigne.
I’ve tried filling them in with various products. They are thick enough in width, but they are sparse. I like the way eyebrow powder looks, and how easy it is to apply, but the problem is, it washes away too easily. It is not good for a day at the pool, or even laying out in the sun, while your make up melts down your face,

Over the holidays, I saw numerous advertisements for Wunderbrow on my Facebook and Pinterest pages. After reading reviews, I decided that I had to try it.

I absolutely love it!

While it takes practice to put on just right ( the first few time I wore it, I looked as if my eyebrows were trying to take over my face), once you get the process down, it is super quick and super easy to put on!

I just dab an angled brush into the product, and then glide it along my eyebrows, making sure to get every bare looking spot. The “brunette” color matches my hair and skin tone well.  I then brush my eyebrows with the spoolie that comes with the kit.

Mine usually lasts 2-3 days, although I touch up the parts closest to my nose every morning. I think I accidently wash some of it off every night when I wash my face with coconut oil.

After a couple of days, it starts to wear off along my whole brow, so I dab on some coconut oil to wash it all off and start fresh the next morning. Any oil based make up remover ( or in my case, pure coconut oil) will remove the product. If your skin is still oily when you reapply, make sure to put a toner on your eyebrows, which will remove the oil. I use witchhazel.

I can’t say enough great things about Wunderbrow. I will never use another brow product again.

You can order yours here!

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