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I am really excited about this post. If you have been reading some of my past posts, you will notice that I have had a slight obsession with peppermint oil.
A couple of months ago, I was asked to check out essential oils. I had tried lemon and lavender oil in the past, and was a fan. But this was the first time that I got to check out other kinds of oils. There are so many! I was sent a Young Living Premium Starter kit, and there were so many options as to what I could use each oil for. Here is what I found:

I used lavender oil mostly for relaxation and sleep! I mix it with coconut oil, and rub it on the bottom of my feet every night, as well as my wrists. I also like to diffuse it in the diffuser that came with my starter kit to create a relaxing atmosphere. Sometimes I put a couple of drops of lavender in my bath after a long. stressful day! I also put a couple drops of lavender oil into my mascara to help promote eyelash growth!

I have used peppermint oil for SO much! From helping to ease a headache ( just put a drop on your forehead, temples, and/ or neck) to helping take off the sting of sunburns my stepson and I got on our recent vacation to Arizona. I just put a couple of drops into a spray bottle with some water, and sprayed it on the burned skin. It was instantly cooling.
Peppermint oil has also been great for menstrual cramps! It feels similar to icy hot, but less intense, and it smells better. I also like that it is a chemical free alternative to medication. On our recent road trip, I also was car sick for one of the days. I used Dramadine to help, but that mostly just made me sleepy. When I felt nauseated again, I inhaled a few breaths of peppermint oil ( I just unscrewed the cap and left it in the bottle) and it helped my nausea.
I have also used peppermint in a few recipes, such as Healthy Peppermint Shakes, and hot chocolate. It also helps freshen breath, and I add it to coconut oil when I do oil pulling.

I love lemon oil. It is so refreshing. I am prone to kidney stones, and am not a big fan of plain water. Lemon water is my favorite, although it is hard to drink when I am at work or on the go. Instead of carrying around whole lemons with me, I just put a bottle of lemon oil in my purse. It is handy, and so yummy! Lemon is known for helping prevent kidney stones, so I make sure to put a couple of drops in my water every day. My grandfather even drinks it now for that reason!
Lemon oil is also great for baking. It can enhance the lemon flavor in any lemon flavored sweet. I also like to diffuse lemon oil. It is uplifting and helps give me energy!
Frankincense is a great oil to diffuse. It smells and tastes good, and is great for mediation. I sometimes add it to water to help with healthy cell reproduction. It helps improve attitude, and uplift spirts!

I love thieves. When I feel a cold coming on, I make a cup of hot water, add a drop of thieves, lemon oil, and a little bit of honey, and it helps boost my immune system. I have used Thieves a couple of times in the past two months to help ease a sore throat as soon as I felt it.
Theives is antibacterial, antiviral and an antiseptic. I also use thieves to clean my house. I mix around 10-11 drops in a spray bottle and add water. It is a safe, chemical free way to kill nasty germs, and keep my house clean. My one year old puppy still likes to get into the toilet bowl for water when I am not looking, and I feel much better knowing I just cleaned it with a natural cleaning agent, like Thieves, instead of harsh toxic chemicals.

Purification is an oil I like to diffuse. It is a great disinfectant and helps eliminate odors. This is another great one to use with a puppy in the house who still sometimes has accidents. I have also put a few drops in my step sons stinky tennis shoes, and it has helped reduce the odor. It is also a great disinfectant that can clean cuts and scrapes.
Here is an amazing carpet cleaner/ deodorizer recipe from my Young Living friend, Whitney!

R.C is a great oil for me because it stands for Respiratory Conditions. I have asthma, and it tends to act up more during the Spring when everything is blooming. A couple drops on my chest seems to help me breath easier. It can also be used for congestion. A couple of drops in a bowl with hot water, and peppermint oil is great for helping with congestion when inhaled.It is like a medicated vapor rub- without the chemicals.

Digize is great for stomach problems. When I feel a tummy ache coming on, I rub a few drops over my abdomen. It is also consumable, and helps with heartburn! Any tomato based food gives me heartburn, so this is a big day saver in my house! It is also great for stomach aches from eating too much, which would come in handy around the holidays at my house! It can help ease any discomfort from eating certain types of food you’re not used to eating.

Panaway is good for charley horses, muscle aches, bruises, and increasing circulation. It can also help headaches.

Copobia can be used for pain relief, sore throat, insect bites and anxiety. I haven’t tried this oil out much. I am not a huge fan of how it smells.

Stress away
I LOVE this oil! It is great for the diffuser. I like to mix it with Lavender, to create a sense of peace and calmness. I probably have used this oil more than any other one other than Lavender. It is great to put in baths, or on the bottom of your feet. It smells good too!

The kit came with an oil diffuser, which I am obsessed with. Before I had the diffuser, I used candle warmers to scent my house, but I like the diffuser so much more. I like that it is chemical free, and that I can switch up scents so easily. The diffuser also acts as a humidifier, which is great because my house is so dry! I have not woken up with a bloody nose since I put the diffuser in my room at night while I am sleeping ( diffusing lavender oil, of course!)

The kit also came with 2 samples of Ning Xia Red, which is a yummy nutrient infused supplement. It includes juices from super fruits such as pomegranates, blueberries and plums. It also has puree of wolfberries. It gave me the energy I needed for the day, without the caffeine crash of coffee or an energy drink. I even made a yummy spritzer with the second sample!

I loved this kit, and recommend it to anyone interested in trying out essential oils. It is cheaper than buying all of these oils separately, and the oils have multiple purposes. It is a safe alternative to chemical filled cleaning products, and medications.

If you are interested in learning more about Young Living Essential Oils, and would like to become a member and get wholesale pricing click here.
A YL membership is a one time, life time fee, and is included in all starter kits, like the one I reviewed.
If you aren’t ready to commit to a membership, but want to buy and try out any of the products I talked about separately ( or some of the many other oils I haven’t checked out yet) click here.
If you have any questions, my friend, Whitney is a YL oils expert, and can help you. Email her here.She is very knowledgeable, and has helped teach me new and amazing ways to use my oils in everyday life!

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