High Costs of Infertility: The Burden No Couple Should Bear

Did you know that chances are you know someone who struggles with infertility, whether they are vocal about it or not? According to Resolve– The National Infertility Association, 1 in 8 couples, or 12% of married women struggle to get pregnant, or sustain a pregnancy.
We are that 1 in 8.
Not only is struggling with infertility physically and emotionally exhausting, it is also very costly. An average cycle of IVF in Michigan costs around $15,000.00. That doesn’t even include the doctors co-pays, the tests required to diagnose infertility, and the time you have to take off of work to go to numerous doctors visits. And just because you paid all of that money- there are no guarantees that the procedure will work.
Only 15 states have mandated that insurance companies offer or cover some level of fertility coverage. And only 8 of those states require that qualified employers offer IVF coverage in their plans to those employees.
When my husband and I started seeing a reproductive endocrinologist ( a fertility doctor) almost 3 years ago, we were the couple that had no clue how we were going to pay for the expensive treatments if it came down to it. Luckily my insurance covered most of the costly tests that are performed to diagnose infertility. But they didn’t cover the least expensive treatment, an IUI. We paid for two IUI’s out of pocket, which thankfully only cost $300 each.
But when they both failed, and with month after month that followed with a negative pregnancy test, I became depressed and felt absolutely hopeless. How would we ever afford a $15,000.00 procedure?
Then something amazing happened. The company I work for, Comcast changed their fertility benefits, and covered IVF starting January 2017! Thanks to God, and the amazing decision makers at Comcast, my husband and I are expecting our first child together in January 2018.
If it was not for Comcast, I am not sure how we would have paid for the procedure any time soon. We would have made it happen eventually, but the fact that my employer changed our benefits alleviated so much extra stress.
This is why I am petitioning that Michigan government mandates that health insurance companies help cover fertility treatments. Just like other diseases like diabetes, and Crone’s Disease- infertility is NOT a choice.
Please take a few minutes out of your day to sign the petition below and help changed the lives of thousands of couples in Michigan who want nothing more than to be parents!
Bearing the financial burden of infertility is not something couples should have to worry about while under the heavy emotional burden of being infertile.

Petition Michigan Government To Mandate That Insurance Compainies Cover Fertility Treatments

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